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Thomas Hübl is a modern mystic, a spiritual teacher whose work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions with the discoveries of contemporary science, illuminating both with his profound understanding. 

Thomas’s teachings offer a unique approach for living as a mystic in the “marketplace” of human activity. His work combines somatic awareness practices, advanced meditative practices, a sophisticated analysis of cultural architecture, and transformational processes that address trauma and shadow issues. His teachings aim to guide practitioners toward a deeper level of self-awareness—from an ego-centered worldview to a life of authentic expression, service, and alignment. 

Since 2004 Thomas has been leading workshops, multi-year training programs, and larger events and festivals. A sought-after private advisor to social entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials, and spiritual aspirants, Thomas is a regularly featured speaker at conferences and workshops worldwide.

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About Thomas Hübl

"I benefited from the meditations on being in the ‘base’ and that has been life transforming for me"

Geri P., San Diego, California

"The guided meditations from Thomas are food for my soul and allow me a deeper self-access."

Elisabeth M., UrbarGermany

A Free 1-hour webinar with modern mystic Thomas Hübl

Tools for Living a Sacred Life

How to Make Every Moment an Essential Moment

Reconnect to the sacredness and beauty of being alive

Watch the 1-Hour Recording Now

In this one-hour recorded webinar Thomas will share what it means to be living a sacred life, and how the timeless spiritual practices of meditation, contemplation, prayer, and the study of sacred texts can transform our experience of being alive in a very real and practical way in the modern world.


“We all know how it feels when we are very alive. We are more sparkling. Life literally looks brighter, and there's a dimension of light and aliveness that is an effect of being connected to that original movement, the sacredness of life.”


What People Are Saying about Thomas

"Thomas is always speaking from the leading edge of what is emerging right now – bringing further illumination and with such deep kindness and non judgement. He says things in slightly different ways that seem to crack open the practices and make them even more applicable to life immediately."

Frances D., Wiltshire, England 

"Thomas brings me a greater depth of understanding and more effective practical tools than any other spiritual teacher I have encountered."

Reetta R., Orinda, California

"Thomas has a beautiful way of presenting concepts that has allowed me to relate easily to his ideas and process. I've had a Buddhist meditation practice for 20 years or so which I have found immensely valuable but Thomas's teaching relates very directly to my everyday life and experience."

Anita S., Tucson, Arizona


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  • be more connected to your capacities for creativity, innovation, insight, and compassion
  • generate a flow throughout your day of spaciousness, stillness and availability to life 
  • tap into a well of grace and blessings and guidance
  • experience a larger field of intelligence beyond your individual persona 
  • activate higher states of consciousness that help open possibilities in your relationships and communities

This free one-hour webinar is your opportunity to join Thomas in exploring how we can apply timeless mystical knowledge to living in the contemporary world. A gifted teacher and visionary, Thomas has that rare ability to demystify the seemingly obscure and complex, and to speak directly to our own deeper wisdom.


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